Sacramento City Overview

Sacramento has its diversiform culture that is very different from the rest of the cities in California State. Its multiplicity and miscellany make the city a unique entity. The sunny climate and the hipster vibes are the limelight of this area. Sacramento has a farm-to-fork tradition in which the farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, poultry, and meat are used in the daily dining and restaurants. The city also consists of many esteemed educational institutes and universities for advancement in the educational sector. California State University, Sacramento, and the University of the Pacific with three major campuses including Law and Medical specialization centers make the city a hub of knowledge and literacy.

The city also has tremendous healthcare facilities at UC Davis Medical Center the world famous department of healthcare. The city is also an entertainment hub with many parks and recreational centers. One of the parks covers up to 4000-5000 acres of land and the most famous ones are American River Parkway and William Land Park. The also has some small parks like:

  • Crocker Park
  • Pioneer Landing
  • Southside Park
  • Discovery Park

The city is also very famous for its sports and international events. High school rugby is most appreciated here where the townsfolk gather around on the games to support their kids. The Jesuit High school system mostly rivals with Christian Brothers School and the teams have played on a nationwide platform. The town also hosts many recreational events like the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail which occurs in between Old Sacramento and Folsom Lake. The California State Fair is hosted by the city every year to provide the people with a good family time.  The fair starts at the end of summer and says goodbye on 1st of May.

All in all Sacramento is a great tourist attraction and an important place in the landmark of United States. The city has a rich heritage which allows the citizens to enjoy Mexican and Spanish culture and food in abundance. So mark this city as your tourist stop in a great adventure.