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Sacramento is situated in California. The capital city of California in Sacramento. An estimated total of 501,334 people living in this city. Sacramento is one of the biggest cities in California. It is the 6th biggest city in California. The metropolitan area of this city is also one of the largest in California. Some people call it United States’ most diverse city. The mayor of this city is Darrel Steinberg.

There are seven council members in this city. The total area of this city is 259.27 km^2. The water area covers 2.19% of it. The river of this is a city known as the Sacramento River and this city was named after the river. Sacramento is also known as one of the biggest cities of the United States of America. A lot of people know this city because of its trees.

The largest restoration project of 1976 was held in Sacramento. It was actually the biggest restoration project of that time. Two cities made one big city which was named Sacramento. There are a lot of museums in Sacramento. There are a lot of free entry museums. There are also some paid admission museums. There is a festival that happens every weekend in the city of Sacramento. The festival is named as the Sacramento Jazz. A lot of people join in this festival. They enjoy themselves. Few local talents come and sing all genres of music. The Sacramento was also known as the city of trees or the city of the river. If you want to see the best weather in spring or autumn then come to Sacramento. The weather during autumn and spring in Sacramento is amazing. But during summer the weather gets very hot. Sometimes it even reaches the extreme level of hotness.

If you love almonds then do give a visit to Sacramento. Sacramento is also known for almonds. This city produces almonds more than any city or country in the world. There is a zoo in Sacramento known as the Sacramento Zoo. It is a historical zoo. People who come to this zoo gets amazed. Now a lot of people might feel very good about Sacramento and some might even want to move to this city but before moving to this city you should know about some facts which are given down below:

• The cheeseburger here is very famous. Here you will get the American classic cheeseburgers which are filled with yummy cheese.
• There happens an event named Ice Cream War in this city.
• If you like basketball then this place will be very interesting for you as this place is also known as the home of Basketball.
• The tacos here you will get is mind-blowing. The tacos you will find here is better than any other tacos in the whole world.
• There are some very good hospitals in Sacramento, so if you want to move in here then it will be a plus point

These are some facts of Sacramento. Sacramento is a big city. A lot of sweet people live in this beautiful city. There are a lot of advantages if you want to move in here. You will get all these facilities. The people here are also very good. Very interesting events take place in this city. This city should be loved by all.

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